Gate Opener Repair

Gate Opener Repair


Gate Repair and Gate is an expert in Gate security and ingenuity. The best thing that a home owner or property manager can invest their money and time is the Gate opener. This simple, yet effective design can come in many varieties of styles, function ability, and technological additions to create a safe environment for your home, family, business and valuables.

There are many Gate openers in the market, including different brands such as LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie Company, and RYOBI, different systems and how they operate. On top of that they come with many different accessories such as Wi-Fi and smart phone operations, battery back up, and Gate locks.

Our company can perform a quality Gate opener repair service on all types of Gate openers, and we can supply you a new one if you wish. We recommend (and exclusively supply) the LiftMaster brand, if you decide to go the replacement route.

LiftMaster is an garage and gate motor manufacturer company which is owned by Chamberlain. They offer fantastic products with superior manufacturer warranty (10 years+) and up-to-date features such as MyQ Smart Garage.

Gate Opener Repair Parts

There are quite a few parts that come in a box when you purchase a new Gate opener. The most common are the Gate remote control (to remotely operate the unit), Gate opener push button (attached on the wall inside the garage), Gate opener safety sensor (to prevent accidents when passing through closing door), and items such as Gate cables and hardware.

Gate Opener Remote Control

Gate Remote Control Repair, The Gate remote control is your essential tool to open and close the Gate. Without it, you will need to enter your home and use the push button on the wall to open the Gate (unless you have Home-Link programmed in your car). This can be very inconvenient and would counter productive.

Overtime the battery in your remote can die, the internal chip can burn out, or simply break if your drop it. We at Angel Gate Repair and Gate can replace any manufacturer’s remote control during our Gate opener repair service inspection, and have it programmed to get your Gate opener functioning as it has in the past.

Gate Opener Push Button

Gate Push Button Repair, The Gate opener push button is a small system of push buttons that is mounted on a wall, next to your entry door to your garage. It is part of a convenience and basic security system that is included with a new Gate opener installation. There are many variations of this system, from WiFi connection, to outdoor weather (LCD display).

But the primary function is to open/close the Gate when not using the remote control.

Gate Opener Sensors

Gate Sensors Repair, Gate opener sensors are parts that are included in the new Gate opener installation and are used for safety situations. Everyone knows that the Gate is a mechanical unit with lots of weight and parts that hold a lot of tension and movement. It is easy to be distracted when driving in/out the Gate which can cause damage to your vehicle or your kids, pets, household objects.

It’s important that your vehicle does not get damaged during the operation of the garage.

The sensors are attached on the bottom of each side of the Gate, where a laser is used to detect movement. If the laser beam transmitter is broken by any object passing through it while the Gate is closing it will cause the Gate motor to automatically stop and kick in reverse, thus preventing any injury and damage to you and your property.